Murray Style Belts
The Murray style belt is the most durable in the industry. Hand cut on a curve to confrom to your waist properly. This design eliminates the rear "mid loop sag." All are lined and nylon stitched. The edges are hand burnished and dyed, and a minimum of 3 coats of oil and finish are applied. Not mass produced, they are custom made to fit your individual waist measurements.

Please note, our belts are different from the typical, mass-produced foreign imports.We require an accurate waist measurement in order to fit you properly.

The only accurate waist measurement
can be obtained with a soft tape:

1. Run tape through your belt loops, pulled tight, as you would wear your belt.
2. Pants positioned on your waist, where you would normally wear them.
3. Any questions, feel free to call us so that we can help you.

Our Most Popular Styles

Size: 1-1/4-inch width Trophy Style $120
Size: 1-1/2-inch width Trophy Style $120
Size: 1-1/4-inch width Ranger Style $160
Size: 1-1/2-inch width Ranger Style $160

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(Tooled Basketweave adds $60)
(Tooled Oak Leaf adds $80)

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(Waist sizes over 48 inches adds $20)

Extra Large Size Belts 48 inches and over
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Belts & Ammo Belts

Note: We will ship your order via UPS, UPS Sure Post, or USPS Priority mail. When we ship via UPS or UPS Sure Post, we do NOT always determine if a signature is required. UPS makes this decision based on value & location. You may enroll in UPS My Choice if you would like to setup your personal preferences for delivery.

Dear Mr. Murray,
I write to tell you how pleased I am with the belt that I just got from you. It fits magnificently and is truly beautiful.

I have long been frustrated with western belts that one finds in stores. They are of a leather that I find more like a board than a hide. Being a person who likes traditional American styling, your belt is refreshing to say the least.

Thank you for a fine product,
J.E.C., Lincoln, NE

H. E., pictured with her African trophy. A veteran hunter, she
uses only Murray Leather slings, shell holders and belts.

Murray Ammo Belts
Handmade from vegetable oil-tanned saddle leather, this rig will accommodate a wide range of calibers from 25.06 through 600 nitro express. Tough industrial grade elastic loops will securely hold your cartridges yet allow instant access. Features include: roller buckle, full leather lining, double nylon stitching, hand burnished edges and optional leather loops. Our Shotgun Shell Belt (bottom) has the same features as our rifle cartridge belt
Standard with 25 loops.

Close-up of C-8 Ammo Belt

C-8A Murray Shotgun Shell Belt (pictured above)
25 Leather Loops $250

C-8 Murray Rifle Cartridge Belt - 10 Round
Elastic Loops$200 Leather Loops $220
(pictured below)

Left: Ammo Belt with Leather Loops
Right: Ammo Belt with Elastic Loops

To insure proper fit of your C-8 Cartridge Belt, please measure OVER your
safari gear, where you will be wearing your C-8, with a SOFT TAPE.

Please call us if you have any questions about sizing or Cartridge Loop type for the C-8

(price in cart includes $20 shipping)

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Dear Dick,
Firstly thanks for a great product.

Secondly sorry for the delay but I have just gotten back to Tanzania where all my equipment is. I have attached photos of the belt that I was wearing the day I was gored by the Buffalo. You can clearly see where the point of the Buffalo`s horn went into the belt. If I had not been wearing one of your belts which is made of exceptional quality leather, the Buffalo`s horn would have penetrated my stomach and I would not be around to thank you.

Best Regards
Martin Nel
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